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nautilus doesn't seem to be loading how can i format a partition from a livecd? I keep having sata issues on boot - I keep getting "ata7.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED" matthias_: is the tar.gz not compiled? mkultra when I change the cables, everything works fine. no shcherbak could the mobo be a bit to old? boris_: what do you mean by "annoying"? q0_0p: What is your end goal? BUGabundo, it doesn't appear to be loading. Jordan_U, i have an empty partition and i need to format it from the livecd kklimonda: that only copy/paste the text from the command line BUGabundo, get any error? Jordan_U, how do i format the partition? boris_: by pressing right click and pasting? kklimonda: yes please what do i have to do what was the name of the video player that has really beautiful interface that i cant find now, just had a big problem with it... you guys boris_: from a terminal with root rights? i can't remeber hi, i have a problem with my wifi: i have an intel iwlwifi 4965, and i have 2.6.34, but there's no wl module! what can i do to make it work? how do i get a shell? it had the beautiful theme you could customize




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ScanMaster ELM 21 Registration Key Crack Full Version [Updated]
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